Take Good Care

I love to write. I publish a weekly blog post for the families in my class and I craft a weekly email to staff. This writing can easily take me from four to six hours of joyfully composing and revising every weekend.

The last blog post I contributed to was written and compiled by Lauren Kaufman, a dear friend who also loves to write. For her 100th blog post, she asked educational thought leaders to share about our passion for writing in a post called, This Is Why We Write. I encourage you to read everyone’s contribution.

This image is what I shared:

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5 Tips for Cultivating Atomic Love & Joy



  • We can experience and cultivate atomic love and joy throughout our day and every day using the 5 tips suggested.
  • Invest in getting to know yourself better. This helps when dealing with adversity.
  • Know what brings you joy and cultivate it! Joy boomerangs!
  • Share love and appreciation. Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you”. Love boomerangs!
  • Teach Better together. Lean on each other for love, encouragement, support, and to bring each other joy.
  • Be relentless and resilient with reflection to build better relationships.
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Share Your Story

Three years ago, I would not have had the confidence to share my story and my writing in the way that I do now. What’s changed? It started with a bit of courage fueled by the belief that others had in me and slowly, the belief I began to have in myself.

My passion for learning from others has made me a better person and effective educator. Over time, I began to understand that I am the teacher and person I am today because other people generously shared their ideas, for which I am so grateful. Their thoughts and reflections inspired me to feel affirmed, to question, and produce new ideas.

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