Book Endorsements

Be Their Warrior by Pamela Hall

Great vigor, courage, and strength are evident throughout Pamela Hall’s heart-inspired book about being a warrior for all students. Interwoven throughout are powerful and impactful stories that demonstrate how to create a responsive culture, how to effectively build relationships with all stakeholders, and how to be strong as a warrior starting with self. The heartwarming personal examples resonate so deeply with many of the same practices I found so effective in my own educational journey. All students deserve great opportunities to succeed and can do so when they have their own warrior fighting for them and believing in them. Learn how through this truly inspiring and uplifting book!

The EduCulture Cookbook by Michael Earnshaw

Creative, clever, and a catalyst for betterment – The EduCulture Cookbook is a collection of five star recipes for building school culture. Throughout the entire book, Earnshaw’s storytelling genius reveals itself through the stories of culture building examples that help you visualize and feel the emotions as if you were there. Just like an Executive Chef, Earnshaw masterfully lays out his experiences on a plate for us to taste, savor, and enjoy. This innovative cookbook is a powerfully interwoven manifesto that integrates Earnshaw’s passions for skateboarding, cooking, culture, and leadership. A must read for all educators and leaders!

Aspire to Lead by Joshua Stamper

Driven, devoted, and passionate – all words that perfectly describe Joshua Stamper on his leadership journey. Inspired by honest and impactful stories of hard lessons and valuable insights learned, not only aspiring leaders but all leaders will walk away better equipped to continue on their own leadership pathway. Joshua’s ASPIRE model is a motivational roadmap to follow on your personal route to accomplish goals. An inspirational book with practical ideas and invitations to take action towards growth – a must read!

Becoming Principal by Jeffry Prickett

A leader by title alone does not make you a true leader. In Becoming Principal, Jeffry Prickett paints a clear picture as to how his daily interactions and decisions that stem from the heart turned around a school community. With students and families at the centre of doing whatever it takes, Prickett masterfully recollects his stories of vulnerability while effectively gathering heartfelt stories from those he positively impacted. Follow along on his inspirational journey of embracing the title of Principal. This book will truly inspire you to be an authentic leader not just by title but by acting on what’s in your heart.

Inspiring Joy by Jennifer Appel

Powerfully practical and precise, Jennifer Appel’s passion for inspiring joy through intentionally building character, excellence, and community is infused throughout this motivating and compelling book. Every impactful, heart touching story sets the stage for sample lessons as part of the fabulous framework for rich relationship and culture building opportunities. This outstanding must-read book clearly demonstrates HOW to build an award winning culture in your classroom and is an extraordinary complement (or companion) to Award Winning Culture by Hans Appel.

Lesson 1 by John Vandusen

Chock full of practical lessons are at your fingertips with this wonderfully written book by John VanDusen. Drawing from his own experiences, VanDusen honestly shares insightful and applicable tips from the perspective of the roles he’s played in his family, as a teacher, coach, and in the army. Walk alongside as VanDusen reveals leadership ideas to elevate your effectiveness throughout each and every day. If you’re looking to improve as a leader, this is the book for you!

Award Winning Dog by Jennifer Appel

From the moment you begin reading Award Winning Dog, you are taken for a walk with Maya on her journey to self-discovery. With comparisons to others causing disappointments along the way, Maya begins to see her own beauty and strengths with the support of her friends. I absolutely loved this heartwarming story about the power of friendship and finding your own special gifts that not only spread happiness to the world but also bring self joy.