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I love to write. I publish a weekly blog post for the families in my class and I craft a weekly email to staff. This writing can easily take me from four to six hours of joyfully composing and revising every weekend.

The last blog post I contributed to was written and compiled by Lauren Kaufman, a dear friend who also loves to write. For her 100th blog post, she asked educational thought leaders to share about our passion for writing in a post called, This Is Why We Write. I encourage you to read everyone’s contribution.

This image is what I shared:

I greatly appreciated the honor to be chosen to share why I write in her blog post with other phenomenal educators!

I am truly blessed to have many key people in my life that encourage, uplift, and empower me to be better. I am also deeply grateful to Meghan Lawson. She is one of these friends who fully supports and believes in me. I am excited to work with her on a February project so stay tuned and follow #LegacyofLearning!

During our conversation yesterday, I shared how I have been writing to staff weekly. I typically begin with something that has great meaning to me and offer reflection on a lesson I’ve learned with a splash of inspiration. Meghan encouraged me to share my message beyond the walls of email because someone somewhere may need to hear what I shared.

As soon as she suggested that, it happened. There was an epiphany moment when the dark skies opened up with piercing sunlight shining down on me with a meaningful connection! The idea to use the email message as a basis for a blog post deeply resonated because of what happened earlier in the day.

I received a text from a colleague. There were no words except for three images of my words from last week’s email to staff. Initially, I was confused and wondered why someone would screenshot my email to send to me. So I waited. Perhaps there was to be a follow up text to explain why my words were being sent back to me. Did I need to hear my own message? Was that her intention?

Ten minutes had passed before an explanation appeared. She had mistakenly sent it to me but it was intended for a friend who was going through a hard time.

That struck a warm cord in my heart. My message was being shared with others in hopes to uplift and support a friend in need. It meant so much to learn that it resonated with her enough to pass it along.

Here was the email message to staff:

January is a great time to reflect and think about the past and upcoming year. Please continue to check in with yourself and each other to show your love, kindness, and gratitude. Sometimes it may appear that things are going well but it’s that one time that you extend your care and kindness that you discover that one “atomic interaction” made all the difference for that person on that day at that time. 

This happened to me last week. Something was resting on my heart, and it was as if the universe knew what I needed that day. I accidentally left my lunch at home, so I walked home to get it. I needed that time to restore and rejuvenate my soul.

Over the past few years, I learned to recognize the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you have so remember to love and be kind to yourself. It is the very foundation you have in your relationship with others. Our jobs can be hard, and it feels even harder when we don’t feel whole. We can use the idea of “atomic interactions” for ourselves too. 

On my walk back to the school that day, I bumped into Patsy walking back at that same EXACT moment! I have learned that these are not just coincidences but instead, “beautiful synchronicities” (something I learned from a friend, Belinda Liu, from Gratitude Blooming). Also that same morning, a friend I haven’t heard from for a few weeks chose to reach out to uplift me. It was just what I needed to hear that day. [This sentence was not included in the email but I appreciate you so much, Meghan!]

Here are three things I was reminded of: 

(1) Listen to what your mind, heart, body, and soul needs and take good care of yourself. Be a great friend to yourself.

(2) Find and cultivate joy and gratitude throughout the day. It’s definitely there when we choose to see it.

(3) Take opportunities to reach out to others – a warm smile, a light up hello, authentic gratitude, an invitation to share a part of their story or yours, etc. 

I hope you find what I have discovered too because it’s changed my life for the better. The more you share your love and kindness with others to uplift them, it actually uplifts you too! Kindness to others is like kindness to yourself. Think of it like a boomerang. I believe that when someone is placed on your heart and mind, it’s an opportunity and a nudge that they need some love and acknowledgement. Who’s on your heart right now that you can express your care? Reach out and see what happens. ?

I don’t remember if I’ve shared this before but it resonates with me deeply:

Thank you for your part in making my life and our shared lives at Kitchener beautiful. ❤️

I Hope

I hope my words resonated and found a place in your heart. If you think someone can benefit from reading, please share freely.

If you’d love to connect or share your thoughts, please leave a comment below. Thank you and take good care!

The value of our knowledge multiplies when we share what we know with others.

Simon sinek

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