Hi there! I am a mother of two teens, a teacher in Burnaby, and a ringette player and coach with multiple passions. Family and friends are on the top of my list, including people and relationships. Writing is one of them. Teaching, learning, and leading are as well, plus all things ringette!

“Working together to better ourselves, each other, and the world around us.”

This is my tagline. It took me about three months to come up with something that reflected what I believe. I tried on many but nothing seemed to feel just right until this one. It has been almost 9 years and to this day, I still love it. We are not alone in this world. I am who I am largely because of others around me who have loved me, guided me, supported me, and helped shape my being. I learn from them and you, and collaboratively, we make each other better. Every interaction is an opportunity to make each other better.

The header image is a picture I took of the skies at Loon Lake where my family spends time every summer. It’s one of my most favourite places to be because it’s an opportunity to unplug (no wifi!) and just be with family and the friends we invite up to spend the week. I adore the tranquility the morning brings as I sit and look out at the calmest thing my eyes can see – the still lake. The joy of watching fish break the surface and jump out of the unmoving water is such a welcome delight and my ears anxiously await the mysteriously beautiful call of the loon both morning, day, and night. You know the popular “I am from” poems teachers ask students to write?

“I am from Loon Lake where I can reconnect with family, friends, and nature creating memories that last a lifetime.”

My WHY for this blog is to share my thoughts, feelings, and open reflections about teaching. I have wanted to have a platform to share beyond my classroom blog but didn’t have the time or capacity to as I served in my previous role on the Staff Development Team in Learning Technologies (6 years) while also coaching ringette at the AA level. Two passions didn’t allow for one more! I have been back in the classroom for almost two years now so I am ready to be vulnerable and courageous to open up my heart and mind to all of you. This is very much a learning journey for me so I would love for you to join me. Working together to become better together.