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Recalibrating Your Health and Wellness

A course developed by George Couros and friends. Launched: January 22, 2022

My module – The Gift of Relationships with Ourselves and Others: Making Impactful Atomic Interactions (Module #5) In this module, I introduce a new phrase “atomic interactions”. Through atomic interactions with myself, I am able to better manage emotions, thoughts, and feelings and improve my own mental well-being and self-care.


About This Course

The seven modules that make up the course, Recalibrating Your Health & Wellness, work through strategies and resources to help you build habits and develop strategies that can improve your overall well-being. Regardless of where you are now and what you do professionally, George Couros, Livia Chan, Dr. Mary Hemphill, Meghan Lawson, Lainie Rowell, and Evan Whitehead will help you: 

  • Improve your well-being
  • Move you from self-care to self-aware
  • Equip yourself with skills to express and amplify gratitude
  • Empower yourself to find more balance in your life by creating boundaries and taking breaks when you need them
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Support yourself in building a stronger relationship with yourself

Ultimately, these modules will help you find your own compelling reason!

Writing Strategies & Marketing Your Work

I am passionate about writing and sharing tips & strategies to help you become a better writer. The ideas in this course stemmed from years of tried, tested, and true strategies for teaching writing to students and presenting these ideas as a Learning Technologies Helping Teacher on our District Staff Development Team. Feedback from participants often included comments like, “I used this the next day and I love it!”

To learn more about why writing is my passion, read my blog post called The Gift of Your Words: Share Your Story.

About This Course

Thoughts swirl around in your head. Ideas come and go. Personal journaling is a great way to transform those ideas, thoughts, and feelings into words. You, though, have a greater desire to share your story as you reflect on experiences and expertise. You want your voice amplified but there’s some hesitation. Or you already blog and have a desire to be just a little BETTER in all aspects of the whole writing process. Does this sound like you?

In this course, join Livia Chan and Kari Pitstick as they explore the 5 W’s of writing and understanding yourself first. Then dive into a multitude of tangible tips and takeaways for things to consider BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER you write. Learn about a writing framework to BETTER understand the thought process as you write. You’re not done just yet! After your work is published, discover effective marketing strategies to share your published work!

Included in this course

  • DYRIO Reminder (PDF Download)
  • Heart Map Worksheet (PDF Download)
  • Writing Thought Process (PDF Download)
  • 43 Video Lectures
  • Official Certificate of Completion
  • Digital Badge to show off your awesomeness

ENROLL NOW for access to a comprehensive list of tips and strategies for improving your writing and marketing your work!

Within this course, you will:

  • discover the 5 W’s of writing & understanding yourself
  • learn 5 writing tips BEFORE you start
  • dive into 5 things to consider BEFORE you write (generation & recording of ideas)
  • dive into 7 things to consider DURING writing (tangible tips)
  • dive into 3 things to consider AFTER writing (revision stage)
  • explore 7 ways to market your work once published

Cost: $49 USD

Guest Blogger Orientation

About This Course

In this course, join Livia Chan and Kari Pitstick as they explain the life cycle of a guest blogger’s blog post and offer some writing tips and tricks along the way. What happens to your blog post once it is submitted for pending review through to it being published? Learn how to effectively navigate in WordPress.

This course was created exclusively as an orientation for guest bloggers on the Teach Better Team. It is not available to the general public. Join our blogging team to take this course!

Included in this Course

  • 27 Video Lectures
  • Official Certificate of Completion
  • Digital Badge to show off your awesomeness

Cost: FREE as a guest blogger