All Means ALL

I am SO honored and excited to speak at the Learning and Justice for ALL conference on Friday, December 9 at 4:30 to 6:00 pm! I spoke at this conference last year about Maximizing Opportunities to Meet the Needs of ALL Learners. This year, I will share about how our atomic interactions have the power to change the lives we touch in our roles as leaders, AND how it can be life changing in our own personal lives too!

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Session Details

Want to make an impactful and transformative improvement on learning for ALL? Equity begins with building relationships by nurturing connections with intention. When we break it down to the smallest units of relationships, we find ourselves at the atomic level. It is from here we build a safe, secure, and supported environment for students to take risks with their learning. The power of your impact is limitless and it’s your legacy that lives in them forever.  

In this session, you will learn how our atomic interactions can not only make an impact in lives but an imprint on hearts. With three key foundational mindset shifts, you will discover how deepening meaningful relationships leads to improved well-being and greater joy in life so you can be the most effective educational leader who meets the needs of ALL learners. You will walk away with tangible ideas to use immediately in all of your personal and professional relationships in the communities where you belong. Join us on a journey to discover the gifts all around us in our relationships.

The Gift of Cultivating Joy


  • We CAN cultivate more joy in our lives.
  • A CORE belief is that relationships are gifts to value and treasure.
  • Uplifting others brings joy to ourselves and others. Learn how to notice, name, and nuture AND how words are gifts.
  • Your joy can grow and thrive from others too. Learn how to throw your joy boomerang out and how to receive it when it comes back!
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The Gift of Celebrating Creativity


  • We celebrate creativity because content creators give us a gift of knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and stories…a part of who they are. Creativity is a gift so we should thank content creators for sharing. Gratitude is meant to be shared.
  • There are three reasons why celebrating creativity is an important gift: (1) uplift, encourage, and appreciate content creators (2) amplify voices for more people to learn as a community so we can be better (3) as we demonstrate kindness to others by celebrating creativity, we improve our well-being and others.
  • Learn actionable steps to take to celebrate creativity!
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