Published Books & Contributions

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Other books yet to be published that I have contributed to:

  • Building H.O.P.E.: The courage to change, to teach, to lead by Roman Nowak – Vignette

Contributing Author – Chapter 47: Stop Doubting Yourself
Compiled by Dr. Rick Jetter

Published December 2022

Contributing Author – Vignette: Gratitude is a gift

Published May 2022

Contributing Author – Vignette: Every Interaction is Intentional
My vignette is about how I wish parents knew the intentionality behind everything we do throughout the day.

Published December 2021

Because of a Teacher written and curated by George Couros

Contributing author – Chapter: Leading and Learning with HEART

In this chapter, I share how I lead with HEART and offer advice I would give myself as a first-year teacher. There are five ways: Have fun. Every interaction is an opportunity to build relationships. Appreciation fosters relationships. Reach out. Today’s best.

Published August 2021

Contributing author – Chapter 11: Stop Boredom at All Costs

In this chapter, I offer six ways that we can stop boredom. Each idea comes with practical ideas! I have the pleasure to speak with Silas Knowles about my chapter. Watch the video!

Published May 13, 2021

Contributing Author – Vignette: “You MUST know your strengths so you can easily speak to them!”, Page 30

I share how I prepare for interviews by knowing my strengths and how I use what I prepared in an interview.

Published April 13, 2021