Published Books

One of my many passions is writing. I am currently working on a book with Jeffry Prickett and Robert Breyer called Impact: The Power of Connected Leadership. We have the greatest honour to be working with Road to Awesome as our publisher. The expected release date will be late 2021 or early 2022.

Because of a Teacher

Contributing author – Chapter: Leading and Learning with HEART

In this chapter, I share how I lead with HEART and offer advice I would give myself as a first-year teacher. There are five ways: Have fun. Every interaction is an opportunity to build relationships. Appreciation fosters relationships. Reach out. Today’s best.

Because of a Teacher: Stories of the Past to Inspire the Future of Education, written and curated by George Couros (Published August 2021)

100 No-Nonsense Things That ALL Teachers Should STOP Doing

Contributing author – Chapter 11: Stop Boredom at All Costs

In this chapter, I offer six ways that we can stop boredom. Each idea comes with practical ideas!

100 No-Nonsense Things That ALL TEACHERS Should STOP Doing, Compiled by Dr. Rick Jetter (Published May 13, 2021)

Taking the Leap

Contributed a vignette – “You MUST know your strengths so you can easily speak to them!”, Page 30

I share how I prepare for interviews by knowing my strengths and how I use what I prepared in an interview.

Taking the Leap: A Field Guide for Aspiring School Leaders by Robert F. Breyer (Published April 13, 2021)