Stop Boring Students at All Costs

On May 14, 2021, this book, compiled by Dr. Rick Jetter, became available to the world which took me over the moon! I had the greatest honour to write chapter 11: Stop Boring Students at All Costs.

In my chapter, I share small, simple ways a teacher can make lessons less unvaried, unstimulating, unoriginal, unimaginative, uneventful, and unexciting…ultimately, less boring. There’s an antidote offered for each!

Why was this chapter important for me to write? As teachers, we have ultimate control over how our lessons, day, and year are planned. It’s an opportunity to make it more fun. We have experienced how much more students are engaged and motivated to learn when we are passionate about our lessons or units. Our passion is truly contagious! So when we plan our time with them to be meaningful and interesting, it’s more fun for them and for me too. Plus, there’s no need for classroom management when you have a room full of engaged learners! At the end of the day, we want to turn kids ON to learning, not OFF, especially if we wish to teach them how to learn and how to love learning! I want school to feel like an experience and not just a place they have to be. I want them to want to come back the next day not because they have to. We have the power to make our classroom a vibrant community of learners!

A week later, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Silas Knowles on the Pushing Boundaries podcast to discuss the concepts in my chapter.

Click here to watch the video or listen on Anchor.

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